What, Where, When & How

So you’re probably wondering what I’m doing to try and achieve my goals.  I’m going to list that below, but first…

*Disclaimer *Disclaimer *Disclaimer

I am not a doctor, so anything I say here is not to be taken as advice.

I am not paid to promote any of these goods or services.  If at any time that changes I will be sure to let you know.

Consult a doctor or your health professional before starting any exercise or diet routine.

What I Eat

I chose to use a company called Lite n Easy here in Australia.  They do prepackaged meals that are delivered once a week.  I am on the 1800 calorie plan which I chose by doing their quick little survey.

I only do this five days a week because it fits with my life.  On the weekends I try and still eat sensibly but I’m not super-strict.

What I Do

I go to Goodlife Health Clubs.  I’ve been a member for nearly two years now but I haven’t always been a practising gym-goer.

I make very good use of the treadmill at the gym and that’s about it.  I like the treadmill.  I like to read while I am on the treadmill (yes even when I’m jogging on the treadmill which I totally do now.)  I find that reading keeps me distracted enough so I don’t get bored.

I workout for one hour and I vary my pace.  I walk mostly and add in an interval of jogging.

Medications & Supplements

I am on a range of medications to treat my Type II Diabetes and cholesterol.  I also take something for reflux.

Added to my prescribed meds, I also take a couple of supplements.

I take a daily probiotic.

I also take a product called SB Floractiv to help control candidiasis ( a common complaint for people with diabetes and a side effect of one of the medications I’m on)

I take a Swisse brand product called Sugar Metabolism Support that contains Chromium & Cinnamon to assist my body in metabolising sugar.

Also in the Swisse range, I take a Hair, Skin & Nails supplement

Old Wive’s Tales

In my desperation to try and bring my sugars under control I started taking Apple Cider Vinegar.  I use an Organic Apple Cider Vinegar .  1 tbls in warm water with a dash of honey morning and night.