The Little Wins

Here we are.  Week three.

You’re probably expecting some great milestone to have been reached or some amazing words of wisdom.

I got nothin’.

Okay that’s not completely true.  But I have to say that nothing momentous has happened.  It’s been an average week, but that’s not to say that it has been devoid of little wins.  Aaand that’s the theme for the week (see what I did there?)

It’s really easy to get disheartened when you are trying to change something in your life – whether it’s losing weight or learning a new skill or trying to be a better person – and a week goes by where there are small incremental wins but nothing earth shattering or mind blowing.  We live for the big wins.  We want to see big changes and we want to see them immediately.

We almost dismiss those small wins because they’re, well, small.  We have been conditioned to only acknowledge major turning points in our lives.  People don’t want to hear about the small stuff in your life.  But that doesn’t mean they don’t matter.

For me, this week has been a week of small stuff.  I lost 100gms this week.  Small.  I was able to hook my bra on the last row of hooks.  Small.  I was able to go and buy clothes that were one size smaller.  Small.  I am now able to jog for ten minutes continuously without collapsing in exhaustion.  Small.  I was able to try on clothes that haven’t fit me for ten years and find out that they are too big for me now.  Small.  I got blood test results back that told me my cholesterol and blood sugars were still not ideal but better than they were.  Small.

All of these things have been little wins in my life and it could be really easy for me to just skip over them as if they didn’t matter, but they DO matter.

Heck.  I lost 100gms!  Yay me!  It might be only a hundred grams, but it’s still a loss.  Plus it’s TTOTM so, you know, a double win!

Hooking my bra on the last row of hooks, do you know what that means?  It means I’m going to have to go out and buy new ones.  It means that my body is changing shape and I should be damned proud of that.

I’m one whole size smaller.  That may be a small thing to someone else but to me it’s a big deal.  It’s proof that all my hard work is getting results.  It means I am one step closer to not having to shop in the ‘big girls’ section and that I might even be able to go into ‘normal’ clothes stores to buy clothes.

It’s really important that we celebrate the little wins or we can get disheartened and lose focus.  You might be the only one celebrating, but good for you.  You have achieved something and you should get a pat on the back for that.

Another benefit of celebrating those small wins is that when we add them up we find out that, hey, wow, they add up!  Look at my list above.  Each one of those little wins is a great achievement, but if I hadn’t stopped to acknowledge them then I wouldn’t have realised that together they give me a decent size reason to celebrate.  I would have continued to think that my week was average instead of seeing that it was actually a week full of wins.

It’s really easy to look at the bad stuff.  Our brains are almost predisposed to finding the negative stuff.  It’s all about perspective.  Glass half full or half empty?  Don’t roll your eyes at me.  I could have gotten on the scales and had a bad attitude because after all the hard work I have done this week (let me just mention again that I have been JOGGING for TEN MINUTES in a ROW!) I had only lost 100 grams.  How is that fair?  I have worked my a$& off this week and I only lost 100gms?  I want my money back.  I want to go and drown my sorrows in chocolate cake because it doesn’t matter anyway.

See how easy that was?  See how easy it is to take that small win and turn it around into a loss?

Hey, don’t think I’m perfect.  Don’t think I’ve got all this sorted out.  When I first stepped on the scales this week and saw my small loss, I was disappointed.  But I had to reframe it.  Why should I let myself be robbed of something good because it wasn’t good enough?  Good is good, right?  Good is better than not good.  So I’m claiming this week as a win and I’m going to use it to motivate me towards tomorrow and the day after and the day after.

What are the small wins in your life that you are over looking?

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