Welcome to Thank God I’m Fabulous, a blog about life, love and happiness (but mostly about weight loss, coping with Type II Diabetes and living strong.)

So hi!  Hello!  I guess you’re wondering why I’m starting yet another blog.  There are hundreds of thousands of them out in the blog-a-sphere (not an actual statistic, just something I made up) , so why would mine be any different?  It probably won’t be in all seriousness, but I wanted to do it anyway.

You see, I have stuff to say.  Some of it will most probably be whinging.  Some of it will be venting.  And some of it may even be useful to others out there who are travelling a similar journey.  I need to stress at the outset that I am not, nor have I ever been a medical professional so anything you read on this blog is purely from my own personal experience and shouldn’t be taken as medical advice.

I will be honest.  Sometimes painfully, brutally honest.  There may even be the occasional bad word (if that offends you I apologise in advance.)

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